Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Art of Giving

Perhaps it's a particular peculiarity in Britain. But it would seem that no matter how altruistic a person may be, or how popular an individual, what great fun it is to raise him or her to great heights and then what great joy to see how far we can make them sink in public estimation.

After the devastation of the Asian tsunami the day after Christmas, there were immediate and generous gifts from the world-wide general public -- The last figure I heard about was around £2 billion. Governments seemed to be competing with each other to be the most generous. Some famous people donated $1 million. The general public put governments to shame, proving once again 'the power of the people.' Three cheers for us!!!

Last week the editorials and newspaper articles began. The began to judge the motivation behind the generosity of both the general public and governments. Part of the 3 estate's godhead, I presume. This sitting in judgement.

All of us have motivation for what we do. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good and probably most often both. The notion of whether or not what we have done or given is somehow tainted by whatever motivated us is too complicated and too unfair to be bandied about by newspapers and other media, especially that 'bastion of our morals' which has its own questionable motivations to answer for.

It seems to me that this outpouring of money has been an overwhelming tribute to the nature of the human spirit. That we are a caring and giving humanity. We do not like to see our fellow human beings suffer and that we want to help in ways that we can. We are even grateful for the opportunity.

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