Wednesday, May 11, 2005

UK Election: Aftermath

This is the first election I've experienced where one could almost say there are no winners. What is so interesting is that this is precisely the result most people in Britain wanted! And it's peculiar that the lib dems and the Tories have managed to relish the euphoria of victory despite defeat!

On the other hand, labour's behaviour is defeatist and bitter. None of the exultant behaviour of the Bush administration claiming to be vindicated in their decision-making and claiming a 'mandate' from the people. The press claims Tony Blair has been chastened and shocked at the outpouring of rage he had to endure. That he felt chastened is to his credit -- perhaps he will keep his feet in the real world for a while longer.

What began as a lacklustre campaign is now a fascinating political drama as the British Prime Minister tries to wend his way through the maelstrom of party shennanigans and seething ambition. Will he won't he be able to soldier on; can he can't he forge the necessary alliances to end his premiership with authority, dignity, and successfully deliver his would-be agenda?

Will the labour party be able to work together to assure its present leader the support he will need to pursue his goals and thus provide a stable base for the succession of Gordon Brown?

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  1. Hello Kathie.
    I think that the election showed more than ever that Britains's electoral system needs to be reformed. The turn-out is very poor, often because people decide that their vote won't make a difference unless they live in a marginal seat area, and only one in five of those who bothered to vote, voted for Labour.
    The first-past-the-post race is NOT democracy and results in apathy.
    I love this blog, btw. You are very articulate and makes lazy-ites like me feel even lazier......!


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