Thursday, July 21, 2005

Comments for President Bush

I added the following comments to a petition organized by Air America Radio.

Mr. President,

if you do not fire Karl Rove, could it be that he was just 'following orders'? Could it be that the 'buck' really does stop with you?

Your integrity and honesty are once again on the line, Sir. You are the President of the United States. Isn't it time you assumed the mantel of the office? If Karl Rove is not called to account by you, his employer and President of the United States of America then how can you demand or call to account any one or any nation?

You say you will fire anyone 'found guilty'. That is not enough. When suspected of wrong-doing, policemen, soldiers, and others are suspended -- sometimes with pay, sometimes without, until there is a final outcome.

This is not about loyalty. This is about the integrity of your office. Guilty or not, Karl Rove has brought into question the integrity of the Executive Office and how it is seen to be. At the very least, he must be susupended until the questions about his role in this matter have been answered.

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