Friday, July 08, 2005

Extraordinary People, Extraordinary Times

Do not think the terrorists have won this round. There is shock, there is anger, there is turmoil, to be sure. But the chaos that was sought by the perpetrators of the horror, is fleeting. The British people have not been bowed by the Luftwaffe, nor the IRA and the people of London in particular will not be intimidated by these blood-thirsty and callous criminals.

9/11 was a spectacular success for our enemy. The economy of the USA was dealt a blow that took a long time to overcome. The confidence of people was shattered and many of us were afraid to travel, to invest, of the future. But even terror can be lived with -- we adapt to our traumas and uncertainties. Our perspectives change. Witness the slight faltering of the world markets this time around.

The emergency services are to be most highly praised for their immediate response. The people of London are to be congratulated on their ability to cope with the drama and inconvenience of the day. They got on with it, as they always have, they got home, they did not panic and they are as back to normal as is possible in less than 24 hours.

And what a lesson in life. The day to day routine is always on the edge. One day there was great jubilation at winning the Olympic bid only to wake up the next to catastrophe and pain. But there are still days of jubilaton to come along with lessons still to be learned and murderers we must try to thwart -- probably for many years to come. We may need to compromise our freedoms in this effort by complying with the necessity of identity cards and by withstanding more and more security checks. I am sure that the British people, by and large, crumbling along the way, will endure it all with forbearance and good humour.

This is a story about resiliance and bravery in the face of murder and evil hatred. It is about people standing together in their suffering and insisting that 'good' will prevail.

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  1. Read some of your comments and profile. We seem to have a lot in common in music and movies if not politics.
    How else would a Brit act in such circumstances. I wouldn't expect otherwise. Take a look at my profile.


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