Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Village Story Part 3

The friendliness and helpfullness of the small French Village!

Such relief to see the young man, albeit with bandaged foot, sitting at a table, with his girlfriend, filling out the insurance forms. And how welcoming the insurance agent and his wife. We waited several minutes while the young people filled out their forms. The girlfriend sat there and drew and map to indicate how, what and where the accident happened. We were pleased also to discover that she spoke English quite well and was thus able to explain what to fill in and so on.

That is, when it was our turn. She even drew our map for us and labelled it carefully in French. In addition when my husband explained to her what happened she helped to accurately translate it all into French. So amicable. So civilized. So French Village!

The young man, Jean Francois was so contrite and apologized several times for what had happened. He hadn't seen us, he said. We were hidden by the car behind us. We told him we were just so relieved that he had escaped any injury -- other than a bruise to his foot. We left hoping to hear from the agent within the week, the outcome of our claim.

It's a shame insurance companies are not so amicable. So civilized. So French Village.

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