Saturday, November 18, 2006

No Blues Election Musings

Three cheers for the people! Finally some sense. And -- Happy Birthday Howard Dean. The old party officianados are trying to reassert their old authority -- but we are having NONE of it. The Democratic Leadership Council can go suck a lemon. They still can't/won't admit they were wrong, wrong, WRONG. You can't have a party of the people and then not be there for them. James Carville, shame on you.

The media has not come out at all well. The Fourth Estate has failed us and is still failing for the most part. Election night I watched Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews. Don't think much of the latter, but I'm in love with Keith Olberman -- completely KO'd!! For those who don't know him he has picked up the mantle of Edward R. Murrow and you can find him on MSNBC. (CNBC -- at least for election night coverage as broadcast in the UK.)

Been reading a lot about Nancy Pelosi. The things the media will say about a woman they would never say about a man! Segolene Royale in France is another instance of female-phobia. Anyway, good luck to you Nancy Pelosi. Gosh, if we could rid ourselves of our current executive branch she could become President!! What would that do to Hillary and all her careful planning. Rest assured, I'm sure there will be no due process to put that spanner in the works!

Most of all I am so relieved that the election happened, that there wasn't a diabolical coup d'etat. Another reason for having a healthy political landscape throughout 50 states -- much harder to rig an election without swing states.

Christmas next month. (Scream, Scream, Scream)

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