Friday, January 26, 2007

For Hillary Clinton's Blog

I believe you have all the qualities that are important for the President of the United States to have. You are smart enough, have the experience and the insight and political skills that are necessary to do the job. But I am concerned about the 'knives' that will come out should you become the Democratic candidate. On the one hand I am mightily impressed with your political success in New York State -- success that is well-deserved and with merit: you are a damned good Senator. Period.

On the other hand, nationally, you have a lot of political baggage that will make you vulnerable to unjustified, but damaging and extremely personal attack. Old and worn scandals and suspicions will no doubt re-surface and I fear for you, I fear for the party and for the nation.

It may not be deemed politial smart to address this issue. But as a proud member of the Democratic Party, I know that these are concerns shared by many others and that if you do not talk about them, not only will they not go away, it will be to your detriment.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

About Jade Goody: My Two Cents

I don't watch Big Brother. I think it's stupid and I think it's a lie. It's called 'reality tv', but it's anything but 'reality'. At least the situation the contestents are in, is anything but real. But since they are in a 24/7 situation what is unreal becomes real for them and eventually their behaviour adapts to this bizarre reality and anything can and does happen. The contestants privacy becomes debased. Our Century's version of the Arena, the Colleseum. The name of the game is to see how badly events can be construed so as to observe whose behaviour becomes the most outrageous and ridiculous. And then the 'blame fun' can begin, because as everybody knows each of us is ultimately responsible for our own behaviour.

Jade's behaviour was terrible. She behaved as an agressive racist bully. The media salivated -- every newspaper and all the main channels carried the story. The public complained. Ratings soared.

In the aftermath, Jade was abashed, embarrassed, and ashamed of her behaviour -- at least I believe her. The media and Big Brother made her a star because they were charmed by her 'salt-of-the-earth' 'honest' personality. As a result she has made some good money and until now been very popular. It is possible all of that is now lost. I hope not, for her sake, as I think she is someone who can do a lot to help us all realize the impact our behaviour has on not only the world around us but the world at large.

Racism is broader than the color of someone's skin or one's religious belief. It's bigger than gender. Racism is everyday abuse, too. Whenever we call someone a Frog, or a Kraut, or a Chink, or Wog, or tell an Irish joke -- whenever we denigrate anyone, this is racism. And as often as not, this racism is born out of anger. Deep-rooted, unholy anger that hurts not only our victims but ourselves and those we love as well.

It seems to me that to condemn Jade Goody does not help. I've seen headlines referring to 'uneducated' girls -- well isn't this another denigration, another separation another kind of racism? I think that Jade is going to come out of this a far better and more insightful person that she was before she went into that outrageous house/hell-hole. We should all welcome that and not bully her.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Winning Is not the Issue

There is all this talk among the politicians as to whether the Iraq War is winnable. As far as I can tell, the winning of the war was done a long time ago -- I mean 'Shock and Awe' and pulling down the statue and capturing Saddam. Installing a new government where there was none anymore. How much more is there to 'winning the war'?

Oh, the USA and whoever else was/is there they won the war -- they defeated the government and they rule today -- if you can call it that.

So, I request that the 'Powers that Be' stop talking about 'winning the war' and start talking about 'finding some peace'. In fact it would be a good idea just to figure out if we have any part to play in finding peaceful solutions or if that is in fact something we must leave to others -- with the possible exception of footing the bill.

And another thing ... anyone who talks about 'supporting our troops' by supporting the war -- isn't 'thinking'. Over 3,000 American soldiers have so far died because of arrogance and lies -- in a futile battle that has endangered the lives of my son and step-son and all other military personnel that have been sent into harm's way by ineptitude and faulty thinking.

So -- we won the bloody war. Big deal. It was never right and it never could have been. And no matter what -- just the fact that we are Americans makes us all tarred with the same brush of ineptitude and arrogance as our government. A government which didn't ask enough questions, a press which rushed open eyed to the spectacle and the public who went along and along and along. What a bunch of 'losers' we have become.

Nancy Pelosi, you've got a big job to try to do. God speed.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Seasonal Scream

I've taken down my first seasonal 'ornament' today. It's one of my favorites: A plastic, blow-up of 'The Scream' --er -- given to me a few years ago by my sister. Christmas had become such a Herculean ordeal for me that I had taken to adding a parenthetical Scream! Scream! Scream! after each use of the word whenever writing letters or emails. I was delighted to receive my surprise replica in the mail!

The 'Season to Be Jolly' was weird this year -- rather overshadowed by the darker side of life. I don't much like these times. Doom and gloom. And the weather -- Nothing is 'the same' -- except maybe the sun and the hours of day and night. Otherwise the flowers don't know when to give up, the leaves don't know when to drop and the birds don't know when to fly wherever it is they fly.

And then we were all treated to the lynching/hanging/execution of that Iraqi guy. Well I guess the media rather looked at it like a Christmas present the way they went on and on and on and on and on ... We stopped watching the news and reading the papers -- just skipped the first several pages of the newspapers we did buy. Honestly, it was as if we were brought backwards in time to when executions were calls for public gatherings and celebrations.

So, it was with some relief that New Year's Eve, spent as usual lately at home, glass of champagne in hand, with husband at my side, I felt a surge of hope that 2007 has to be better and that I want to be better, too. To be honest, I don't often feel that way on New Year's Eve and given recent events, it came as a surprise that I actually had this rather positive feeling.

Now if only I could get blogger to upload my
screaming picture ...