Tuesday, January 23, 2007

About Jade Goody: My Two Cents

I don't watch Big Brother. I think it's stupid and I think it's a lie. It's called 'reality tv', but it's anything but 'reality'. At least the situation the contestents are in, is anything but real. But since they are in a 24/7 situation what is unreal becomes real for them and eventually their behaviour adapts to this bizarre reality and anything can and does happen. The contestants privacy becomes debased. Our Century's version of the Arena, the Colleseum. The name of the game is to see how badly events can be construed so as to observe whose behaviour becomes the most outrageous and ridiculous. And then the 'blame fun' can begin, because as everybody knows each of us is ultimately responsible for our own behaviour.

Jade's behaviour was terrible. She behaved as an agressive racist bully. The media salivated -- every newspaper and all the main channels carried the story. The public complained. Ratings soared.

In the aftermath, Jade was abashed, embarrassed, and ashamed of her behaviour -- at least I believe her. The media and Big Brother made her a star because they were charmed by her 'salt-of-the-earth' 'honest' personality. As a result she has made some good money and until now been very popular. It is possible all of that is now lost. I hope not, for her sake, as I think she is someone who can do a lot to help us all realize the impact our behaviour has on not only the world around us but the world at large.

Racism is broader than the color of someone's skin or one's religious belief. It's bigger than gender. Racism is everyday abuse, too. Whenever we call someone a Frog, or a Kraut, or a Chink, or Wog, or tell an Irish joke -- whenever we denigrate anyone, this is racism. And as often as not, this racism is born out of anger. Deep-rooted, unholy anger that hurts not only our victims but ourselves and those we love as well.

It seems to me that to condemn Jade Goody does not help. I've seen headlines referring to 'uneducated' girls -- well isn't this another denigration, another separation another kind of racism? I think that Jade is going to come out of this a far better and more insightful person that she was before she went into that outrageous house/hell-hole. We should all welcome that and not bully her.

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