Friday, January 26, 2007

For Hillary Clinton's Blog

I believe you have all the qualities that are important for the President of the United States to have. You are smart enough, have the experience and the insight and political skills that are necessary to do the job. But I am concerned about the 'knives' that will come out should you become the Democratic candidate. On the one hand I am mightily impressed with your political success in New York State -- success that is well-deserved and with merit: you are a damned good Senator. Period.

On the other hand, nationally, you have a lot of political baggage that will make you vulnerable to unjustified, but damaging and extremely personal attack. Old and worn scandals and suspicions will no doubt re-surface and I fear for you, I fear for the party and for the nation.

It may not be deemed politial smart to address this issue. But as a proud member of the Democratic Party, I know that these are concerns shared by many others and that if you do not talk about them, not only will they not go away, it will be to your detriment.

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