Monday, January 08, 2007

Winning Is not the Issue

There is all this talk among the politicians as to whether the Iraq War is winnable. As far as I can tell, the winning of the war was done a long time ago -- I mean 'Shock and Awe' and pulling down the statue and capturing Saddam. Installing a new government where there was none anymore. How much more is there to 'winning the war'?

Oh, the USA and whoever else was/is there they won the war -- they defeated the government and they rule today -- if you can call it that.

So, I request that the 'Powers that Be' stop talking about 'winning the war' and start talking about 'finding some peace'. In fact it would be a good idea just to figure out if we have any part to play in finding peaceful solutions or if that is in fact something we must leave to others -- with the possible exception of footing the bill.

And another thing ... anyone who talks about 'supporting our troops' by supporting the war -- isn't 'thinking'. Over 3,000 American soldiers have so far died because of arrogance and lies -- in a futile battle that has endangered the lives of my son and step-son and all other military personnel that have been sent into harm's way by ineptitude and faulty thinking.

So -- we won the bloody war. Big deal. It was never right and it never could have been. And no matter what -- just the fact that we are Americans makes us all tarred with the same brush of ineptitude and arrogance as our government. A government which didn't ask enough questions, a press which rushed open eyed to the spectacle and the public who went along and along and along. What a bunch of 'losers' we have become.

Nancy Pelosi, you've got a big job to try to do. God speed.

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