Saturday, August 18, 2007

Truth and the lying liars who tell it.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the nature of ‘truth’, about its use and abuse. When is ‘living a lie’ ‘living a lie’?

Truth is not about getting one’s facts right. It is not answering a question with a yes or a no. It’s a way of life that takes the good with the bad straight on and unequivocally. It is the better way because it keeps us free from chaos, though chaos may engulf us.

But I do believe that we each make our own ‘arrangement’ with ‘Truth’ or ‘honesty’ or ‘integrity’ and it’s the ‘arrangement’ that we decide upon that determines or own moral character.

The paradox is that the Truth and the Lie are the opposite sides of the same coin. As with good and evil one cannot exist without the other. What is truth when used vengefully, when used to cause harm and pain? Is it not then contaminated? Does it not then become a Lie?

Must the ‘truth’ be told? And if the answer is ‘not always’, then when is ‘discretion the better part of valor? Some of us will always be caught if we try to deceive or to cheat. We just won’t get away with it, while others seem to be able to live by the lie to ascend the ladder of achievement by it – but then one’s humanity, one’s wholeness becomes broken and life’s meaning is lost.

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