Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Anniversary Roberta and Pete!

It's an open secret as to HOW LONG they've been married as of 22 September 2007! But I won't give it away -- but it's longer than I've been married, though not as long as a Golden Wedding!Pete and Roberta are two of my oldest -- make that 'longest' -- and dearest friends. And above is another of my longest and dearest friends, another Roberta! The fellow on the right is Pete's brother, Art. We grew up together in Burrville, in northwestern Connecticut. Now they live on Cape Cod. You can meet them on the pottery trail, Good Light Pottery. Jean was the other of the group. She now lives in Naples, Florida. We haven't all been able to be together very often since our early 20's, but when we do it's non-stop talking and laughing.
Gosh, I really do love these people. This is the last picture taken of all of us together. We were at a Nickerson family reunion at Burr Pond. Pete's Dad was there, too -- flirting with all the women! So was my brother, Bill. When growing up seeing each other is so taken for granted. This was a very special occasion because all six Nickerson siblings were there -- my brother was paraticularly close to Roberta's brothers, Robert and Charles ...
Another great afternoon -- our last all together. Time we had another ...

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