Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Chris Dodd for President

Universal Medical Care, Ending the War in Iraq, Education, Energy are just four of the issues that are of great importance to me and Chris Dodd has some inspired thinking that would make him the most worthy Democratic presidential candidate.

But there are other issues that he has thought deeply about, issues that show leadership and ability: He intends to restore Habeas Corpus to the Constitution and to give Seniors retirement security. In addition, his agenda calls for national service that would give a new sense of American community. Chris Dodd was himself inspired by John F. Kennedy -- he joined the Peace Corps and served in the Dominican Republic.

Senator Dodd first came to my attention at one of the early debates last Spring. I was liked his answers during the debate and when he was interviewed afterward. Of all the candidates, he was the only one who did not sound 'rehearsed' -- he did not 'soundbite-speak'. Rather avuncular and serious, there was about him a steadfastness and straightforwardness that impressed me.

It seems to me that rather too much in this pre-primary turmoil has been spin and 'spit and polish'. Too much attention is being paid to not saying the ' wrong' thing, instead of saying the 'right' thing -- the honest and believable thing. Too much attention is being paid to 'image' and not enough to substance. Too much is being said without anything being said. There has not been enough 'heart' -- except for Chris Dodd.

This is the time when Democrats can take control of the spin doctors. This is the time when we can listen for the real meaning and dispense with the rhetoric. I hope the voters in Iowa will live up to their reputation as free thinkers and give their votes and the national spotlight to Senator Chris Dodd.

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