Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas hmmmmm bug -- Ahhhhh

Christmas again. I love the music. I am bored with the waiting. Waiting to get things done. Here I am today twiddling. My husband is farting around doing this and that -- he won't be bothered ('bovvered') until Christmas Eve. Then he will start asking me if I got 'something' for this person or that, or sent them a card. And did I remember 'whatever' ...

So on we trudge toward the 'big' day/week, depending on where you live in this world. In the U.S. I always feel let down after Christmas Day. Big preparations and the decorating splurge all feel flat by the 26th of December. On this side of the Atlantic Christmas is a two -day holiday and for most people lasts through New Year and on through Epiphany. Many Americans, in an attempt to stave off the 24-hour blow-out, keep their lights up -- especially the outdoor festive fare -- until Valentine's Day! Which seems to me rather pathetic.

Yesterday the tree went up -- we picked a nice bushy, traditional English Christmas tree -- which was also the cheapest! And imagine this, it's also our preferred type of tree. Smells good, too. I also managed to make a traditional Christmas log, for our dessert -- in the freezer (what a delicious chocolate mess I made) and am slowly checking things off the 'to-do list'. I think I've bought all the presents and wrapped what needs wrapping. Today ma belle-soeur arrives -- ah check off the list that I've made her bed!

Quite a bit of discussion this year in the media about Christmas cards. Personally, I love Christmas cards. Especially getting them. Sending them is a chore, but it is nice to think about the people we have managed to keep in touch with over the years. It is an expensive thing to do, however. I divide my cards into three parts -- across the oceans, Europe and the UK. The postage runs about £25 - £30 and on top of that there is the cost of the cards -- which cost less than the postage, for sure! I don't send cards to people because I feel I have to -- I send them because I want to, which for me is the whole point of the exercise and somehow makes each Christmas an inclusive time of the year.

So, now it's on with the decorating -- almost done!

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