Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

It's my favorite day of the year. There is something magical about Christmas Eve. In Britain the day is easily referred to as 'Christmas Eve', whereas in America people tend to say 'Christmas Eve Day'. It makes sense here not to make much of a distinction as the days now are rather dark and gloomy -- but anyway, I do like just 'Christmas Eve' as that has a more magical and mysterious ring to it ...

Christmas for me is about expectation, anticipation. The joy of it is in the planning, the culmination, the moment 'just before'. It is mystical and momentous, a time of smells and memories, music, sights of wonder, children, sugar plum fairies and so on. How lucky I am to have this day in my calendar -- this day of 'angel dust'.

Memories: One of my favorite memories is the Apollo 8 Mission when the astronauts read from Genesis -- just as we were all about to go off to church for midnight mass. At the time that was the most highly watched TV program ever! Being a New Englander there are memories of many a White Christmas, of eager anticipation for gifts (I was very demanding and probably still am!). I loved the 5 Christmases I spent in Germany and the joy on my husband's face that first Christmas Eve when the snow fell in the evening and there was white magic everywhere -- and that special quietness of the snow falling.

One of the things I miss here in England is the regular singing in church of Silent Night. I loved singing that favorite carol in candlelight just after Communion finished. It surprises me that Silent Night is not even in the hymnal we use in my church. That was another favorite memory of living in Germany.

My sister just sent me this -- a bit silly but still a good laugh! Merry Christmas and hope it a magical Christmas Eve.

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