Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am not impressed with myself -- over a month since last posting. Since then I've been to the US and returned. Big changes for us. The plan is to spend a year, at least, in Olympia, Washington. It's odd that I feel so at home whether here or there -- I just sort of meld into each nationality, both seeming familiar.

It will be very interesting to live on the west coast, which to me is so very different from the East. I'm looking forward to the new adventure and the exploration into that difference. The people in Olympia seem very nice, very warm and friendly. It really is the land of the car and more wide open spaces than I am used to. I love the mountains, especially the majesty of Mt. Rainier; and the freshness in the air, despite all the cars and highways. Olympia's location at the southern-most end of the Puget Sound, is perfection -- it has all of the charm of a small town, yet the sophistication of a discerning, well-educated population.

The present is very tenuous both in the UK and the US. We are lucky to be retired and to have our home almost paid for and a steady, if not enormous income. I look at my children and grandchildren and wonder if retirement will be a thing of the past by the time they are my age. Life has been good to the children of the 60's and we have consumed it, which is probably not so good for everybody else.

But first it's Christmas. More about that anon!

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