Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Christmas? New Year? Here at Last

We made it to Olympia, Washington. Got through customs in Chicago -- not pleasant but could have been so much worse! The long flight(s) over, we were welcomed by the Family in rented Dodge mini-van -- small Toyota Echo being MUCH too small for all of us. Before a week was up Grandpa had found a suitable 2000 Ford Windstar and now all of us can travel ensemble! Second week still has a few days to go and we've opened a bank account and today we got to the Social Security office and arranged for Grandpa to receive his card.

Now there are two more accomplishments: One to find a suitable and economical place for all of us to live and two I must find a job. Both should be reasonably difficult and problematic -- so we get on with it.

In the meantime the news of all days is what will happen in November 2008 -- and the game of the moment is endless attempts to predict who will run against whom. There is a not very nice battle going on between the Clintons and their ilk and the Obamas and their ilk. I don't want to choose. It would seem that it's down to choosing two candidates, both of whom I think could lose -- though I will support either to my dying breath.

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