Friday, March 14, 2008

Password's Delight

The past few days I've been driving myself nuts. I expect the same thing driving me nuts is driving lot's of other people nuts -- it has to do with usernames and passwords. Now for a long time I always used the same username and password -- and I know, I know you are not supposed to do that, but for crying out loud these are not important to me if someone gets in -- and since no one ever has (as far as I know -- what the hell!) But anyway, what's happening now is that sites are getting fussy about passwords -- they have to be so long and have a capital letter and numbers, etc. So of course I have to keep a record, somewhere safe, for all these numbers, codes and usernames. Which I do. But sometimes I forget or haven't gotten round to it yet. The worst is when for one reason or another I have to clear away my 'cookies'. Which is why I've been having a problem with blogger lately. Today I also had a problem with my bank! But I fixed the problem with the bank and now I've managed to stumble on the right username and password for my blogger account!!!

So things being in order for me again, what was I going to blog about. Something to do with being old and grumpy, I think. About living with grandchildren and getting used to new surroundings and smaller spaces. I am utterly shocked to discover there are
children who are homeless living in Olympia, Washington, or anywhere else in the USA. Living here is not for the faint-hearted. We are constantly amazed how good America can be for some people and how dreadful for many others.

The Democrats are running amock -- or maybe a-muck is better. I'm really disappointed with Hillary Clinton's campaign. Although I have believed she is the more qualified for the high office, I have been seriously disillusioned with her tactics -- she has come across to me as hypocritical, dishonest and ruthless. Obama isn't without campaign faults himself, but I can expect flaws in any political race and live with his. Hillary's campaign has an ugly face and I am now very uncomfortable with her as a candidate. I'd still vote for her if she gets the nomination, but I'm not now giving money to anybody.

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