Friday, May 30, 2008

The Journey: Yosemite

And so we turned away from the traffic chaos and headed in a different direction. And all the while the scenery overwhelmed us despite the disappointment of giving up the goal of -- whatever. Perhaps 10 minutes into this new direction we saw ahead a viewpoint with quite a few tourists milling around -- even a bus load or two. We pulled in and there before our eyes was a breathtaking view of El Capitain and also Half Dome and waterfalls all laid out before us.

Many oohs and ahhhs later and we were again on our way. We had been told by the ranger at the park entrance that the road to Glacier Point had been opened the day before for the first time this year. I was still in a funk and wanted to get out of the park, but Neil decided that we should take the road to Glacier Point and so when the turn-off came, we began the long climb. It wasn't long before we reached the snow line and I was glad that my winter jacket was in the back of the car. Eventually, we came to another viewpoint -- again lots of tourists oohing and ahhing. Spectacular view of three waterfalls: Yosemite, Bridal Veil and Vernal.

And so they lived happily ever after!

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