Friday, June 20, 2008

First of two Birthdays: Mine

Now for a moment to the present -- more or less. June 15, Father's Day, was also my birthday and the first really nice summer like day since we returned from our trip. Weather has been a dramatic feature of all American lives lately and the Pacific Northwest as been extra cool and extra rainy, while the East Coast and from California to Texas have been dramitcally hot and steamy. The mid-west caught in the middle of this weather front has suffered violent thunderstorms, vicious tornados and now catastrophic floods and levee breeches along the Mississippi River. So in fact, we in the Pacific Northwest are the lucky ones.
Initially the plan for my birthday was to go to the coast to further explore the beach due west of Olympia at Ocean Shores. However, while it was predicted to be in the 70's here, it was 15 to 20 degrees cooler there and we opted to discover Lake Sammamish from the State Park at the southern end of the water.

The only downside of the day was in finding the entrance to the State Park. We knew it was in the town of Issaquah, but we managed to go in the wrong direction, argue about needing to turn around and wondering if we would end up throwing in the towel and driving around the rest of the day searching for an alternative. However, tempers held -- just -- and we did the intelligent thing and asked some passersby and even though we erroneously ended up on the Freeway, managed to find the entrance and a beautiful state park it is.

The three little boys had a great time, Heejung was beautiful, the sun shone brightly, and we all wished we had brought our bathing suits, if only to splah around at the shoreside. The water was surprisingly murky for so few bathers, and I do wonder what it might be like when there are lots of boats churning away at the water just beyond the buoys. However, on my birthday, that was not a problem. It being Father's Day, I was also surprised that it was not more crowded -- though by the time we left most of the picnic tables were occupied. Nevertheless, it remained pleasantly busy.

One of my most favorite things of all to do as a child was when we packed up our food and went up to Burr Pond just up the road from my parents' house. I absolutely adore the smell of hamburgers and hotdogs cooking away and having a table lakeside. My mother, however, didn't enjoy it much and it wasn't long before 'cookouts' took place in our back yard and the lake became a place for spending the afternoon with friends. We left about 5.00 pm and after dinner at Federal Way's Marie Callender's made our way home feeling it had been a very good day!

Now today is little Louis' First Birthday! What a year it's been for all of us. Party and pictures to come!

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