Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Journey: Yosemite Fulfilled

We've been back in Olympia just over a week now and I am desperate not to forget the many details of our trip. I can't believe I'm still writing about Yosemite when we later visited so many other places. But this was such an important part of the trip for me that I've not been able to wrap it up and put it away easily. However, it's now the last leg and soon time to go on.

We still had the last bit of the way to get to Glacier Point. I was now happy that Neil had insisted that we take this 'other' road. We were well above the snow line now, there were quite a few tourists, but still pleasant. When we arrived at the end of the road, which was, in fact, a large parking lot, there were several viewpoints -- all magnificent, of course, but still a treck to get to what they called 'Glacier Point'. It meant walking a distance -- which the guidebook said was about a mile, but which fortunately was more like a quarter mile and an easy meander at that on a well trodden trail.

As we approached the path there was the usual board explaining the area and its history. I did a bit of a double take when glancing at the photograph there -- it looked to me like the place where my father had stood and had his picture taken all those years ago! Indeed, I said as much to Neil, who thought the picture must have been taken somewhere else. At anyrate, we clambered along the pathway and finally reached our destination -- an amazing view overlooking the valley and Yosemite Village. I walked over to the right of this panorama and Neil to the left. A moment later he was at my side, saying, "You were right, this is where your father was. Come over here and look."
So miraculously and spiritually directed by my father, we ended up at the very place we most wanted to find, I sure! I owe Neil bigtime, of course. But what a special and memorable and fortunate turnout it was. Access to the rock is now prohibited, but I wouldn't ever venture out there anyway! We lingered for some time, enjoying our success and the 'moment'. Lots of smiles and lots of pictures.

There was one more stop I wished to make and that was to see the glen of Giant Sequoia trees at Mariposa Grove. Wow are they something to see! Unfortunately, we could not stay very long. It was getting late and we had a fair distance to go to get to our destination for the night, Bakersfield.

Now, we didn't see a lot in Bakersfield -- it was dark by the time we arrived. But we did find a great Travelodge Motel, with great rates and a lovely garden with fountain right outside our door. Free hot breakfast, too!

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