Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Journey: Sedona to Albuquerque

I can't do justice to Sedona. It's very beautiful and has lots of red rocks and streams and woodland. We weren't there nearly long enough. Guess I'll just have to go back again.

In the morning we left our hotel in Flagstaff by 9 -- as planned. Then Neil decided to play navigator and out of two roads going south, managed to choose the wrong road. 8We wanted 9A, the Oak Creek Canyon Road there and back, but managed to find instead, route 333 heading south but away from our destination. Instead of turning around and heading back to Flagstaff (men don't turn around) we continued on to Mormon Lake -- missed the first turn around the lake and took the second. Didn't seem much of a lake to me. Anyway, we had to take a dirt road to cut across to where we could get on Interstate 17 south to another cutoff toward Sedona. The dirt road was 11 miles long and took us at least 90 minutes to get down -- horrible dust red rutted road that it was. And there were many roads off, with turns and twists, we were never entirely sure we were headed in the right direction. That is until we found a cowboy coming in the opposite direction in his pick-up truck who said we were going the right way.

Neil says now how he enjoyed that ride, I hated every minute knowing that we had limited time and that it was all coming off Sedona, which I had partAnd so onto the I-40 heading East. And one fond look back at the San Francisco mountains.icularly been looking forward to ... in his perverse way I think he rather enjoyed my piss-off-ed-ness. So we 'drove through' -- stopped at a Burger King for the toilet and Neil's much-needed coffee and continued up the 89A. Which was very beautiful, even in a bad mood.

I am still so annoyed.

So back to the I-40 and a last look at the very beautiful San Francisco Mountains.

Interstate 40 still has a few short spurs of Route 66, one of which, Winslow, we bothered to explore. Not much quaintness here -- it was sad and woebegone. So much for Route 66 until later in Oklahoma.

Except for the Painted Desert and the Petrified National Forest there was not much to interest us -- and nothing we were going to stop for other than lunch. Too bad -- both look to be very interesting. It is a sad fact that time always plays a role in journeys. We never seem to be really free enough to bide our time, no matter how much we think we will. We'd probably still be on our travels had time and money really been no object. It's still great though, having heard about these places for so much of my life that I now have in my head where they really are.

Soon we would have to change our watches and the car clock for the first time. New Mexico is one hour ahead of Arizona time. It's interesting how often state lines and borderlands anywhere have identifiable changes in scenery. New Mexico had rocks that seemed to define the 'pueblo' look!

I think we arrived in Albuquerque late afternoon and my nephew's directions being perfect drove straight to their beautiful home and welcome hospitality. I just loved New Mexico and could have stopped for a very long time!

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