Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Journey: Au revoir Albuquerque on to Texas

As planned our final day in Albuquerque we went to the top of the Sandia, by cablecar, to watch the sunset. Fortunately for us the day was fine and the sunset not bad at all! It was a perfect way to end a really enjoyable visit, not to mention a delicious home barbecue afterwards. Once at the top we were glad to have brought some warm clothing as it was much cooler up there than down below. Several of our fellow tourists went up wearing shorts and sundresses and were totally unprepared for the wind and winter temperatures! Under the walkway were even some vestiges of winter snow! We had a drink in the bar, waiting for sunset time to arrive. It was nice in there and the prices were not bad. Lots of people were there for family celebrations and the like -- I think it was Father's Day. Next time it would be nice place to have a meal.

Wine finished, beers supped and out we went into the windy 40 F temperatures and were witness to a very reasonable sunset with lots of others clicking away hoping to get the perfect shot. Thank you Eric and Kristen for a really great time and for some of the best hospitality in the world!

What a great break for our trip. I really found New Mexico irresistable -- the sun, the sky, the pueblo style buildings, the restaurants and the company. With any luck I'll get to go back again soon.

We now needed to get back on the road again. More of Route 66 to see, old haunts in Oklahoma for my husband to check out and up to Minnesota for a few days with my sister and her family in Minneapolis and Afton.

Our first destination was to head once again to Skip Maisel's for some more Native American pottery -- both of us really enjoyed that place! I only hope that the place does not exploit the makers of the wares. It is certainly the best place for shopping ...

And so on our way to Texas and an overnight in Amarillo. The old town is supposed to have lots of yellow buildings -- but we didn't see any! We found a hotel in the chain hotel district and had dinner at a nearby Olive Garden -- Neil had not been to the Olive Garden before and was quite impressed. So fed and watered we had a good night's sleep. So much for Amarillo ...
We were now back on a schedule to get to Minneapolis in time to see my sister before she headed off back East for her Smith College reunion -- and Mark to Yale for his ... But first it was to Frederick, Oklahoma and Neil's rendezvous with the past ...


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