Monday, September 29, 2008

Getting It ... I Hope So

Long time no write... I'm paralyzed by fear and ennui. Politics has grabbed me by the throat and I may be choking to death. Last week I held my breath and watched pundit after pundit, toggling between CNN and MSNBC. I am now sick of punditry and having to take long breaks without the TV on!

My conclusion is that pundits have no idea what is on the public's mind. Truth be told none of them thought Obama had won the debate and they were all flabberghasted at the polls afterward. While watching the debate I was impressed by Obama and thought McCain horrible and rude. But at the same time I thought that the Public would go for that and not for the Lincolnesqe demeanor of Obama. Ho ho ho, shows me that that the public really does like 'nice' but 'smart'. Sure, it would be good if Senator Obama also shared with Lincoln his sense of humour and ability to respond with off the cuff (seemingly) rebuffs in the give and take of a debate. But that is not his forte and trying to make it so would probably come off as rehersed and phony.

The performance of John McCain reinforced the idea that 'he just doesn't get it'. He looked like an out of touch grumpy and bitter old man, holding on to past glories in the hope that they will catapult him into the White House, despite lacking the intellectual ability to comprehend the task he wants so much to be entrusted upon him.

He repeated over and over the mantras of the campaign trail -- especially when he didn't have the ability to explain coherently and cogently the thrust of his debate. It was almost pathetic when he resumed the 'I am a maverick' phrase we have all heard over and over again. And he messed up the campaign rhetoric about earmarks and 'you shall know their names'.

Perhaps I should wait for the Vice Presidential debate before I say what I think about Sarah Palin. Most of all my greatest single fault with Sarah Palin is the way she was chosen. This was the first presidential decision-making that John McCain made and the way that was done indicates for me once and for all that he is a dangerous, impulsive gambler, that would not bode well for the future of our country.

It would seem that the American people are at long last 'getting it'!

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