Thursday, October 30, 2008

Boo! Jitters! Goosebumps

Cautiously optimistic. That's what all of us who remember well election night 2004. Those of us who believe that we really have the opportunity to elect a great President by voting for Barack Obama -- we are wrecks of anticipation and apprehension. It's, for me a Halloween weekend nightmare! But then I would not trade-off with John McCain's predicted position!

John McCain keeps saying "I've been tested" -- guess referring to what happened to him 40 years ago, and not to:
  • The Keating 5 Scandal. Senator McCain was cleared of wrongdoing, however, his judgement was severely criticized.
  • His decision to choose Sarah Palin for Vice President is another instance of bad judgement.
  • His decision that "The fundamentals of the economy are strong".
  • His decision to "suspend" his campaign and ride into Washington and end up having to leave with his tail between his legs when it became obvious to everyone that his presence was harming the bi-partisan work that was being worked out. Where is evidence of good judgement? Then claiming that he had 'saved the day' only to discover that negotiations had completely broken down.
  • His decision to not show up for the first debate unless a successful conclusion to the 'bailout' was in hand -- and then showing up ...
  • His decision to adopt Joe the Plumber as a spokesman for his faltering campaign without due care and attention as to the who the hell 'Joe' really is but carrying on as if he is really the middle class "everyman". Judgement seems to be lacking again ...
  • Oh, yes, let us not forget the judgement and decision-making behind the concern calls made to the unfortunate girl who claidmed to have been mugged by a black man who then carved a "mirror B" on her face -- ending up with egg all over McCain's face when with a little investigation it was proven that she had made the whole story up.

Well, I've voted for Barack Obama already. In Washington State you get a ballot in the mail and can either mail it or take it to a conveniently located drop-off ballot box. So no standing in line and no worries about my ballot being counted.

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