Monday, November 10, 2008

The Jouney: To Minnesota by way of Missouri and Iowa

It is definitely good to travel these parts in May! Everywhere was green and lush, the early spring green that is so welcome after winter. I really like Missouri and was surprised at how much it reminded me of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer! As we were passing near Independence I was hoping we would be able to find the time to visit the Truman House, Museum, and Library. However, time was not on my side and as it was late in the afternoon, the Truman places would be closed before we would be able to get there. So hopefully, there will be another opportunity one day.

We drove on to Bethany, Missouri, where we spent the night. Sweet little town, but nothing special about the hotel or the restaurant -- I think that is where I ate chicken fried steak -- don't need to try that again!

The next day we headed for Minneapolis by way of Iowa. What a great state Iowa is. I just loved the look of the place. The rest stops off the highway were gorgeous and even offered Internet access. The farms were picture postcard, Saturday Evening Post perfect.
Of course it didn't hurt that we had perfect spring weather to welcome us. The farmland was charming and historic in nature -- it is easy to imagine the land rush and the opportunity offered to those seeking a better life than they could have found in the East, as well as newcomers to the promised land.

Driving through Des Moines was fun -- especially the drive past the state Capitol building, with its gold dome and many turets! I wish I could have taken a better picture of it!

But it was the farms and farmhouses that I was most taken with -- The structures were quite reminescent of my New England, but with a midwestern je ne sais quois all their own. New England doesn't have that endless sky and and endless vistas of comforting farms.

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