Friday, January 16, 2009

As We Get Older

Yesterday I went to the Eye Clinic here for my annual check for Glaucoma. For the first time, I felt I was regarded as 'old'! Not that I'm 'not' ...

The first shock was the comment that there could be seen the beginnings of a cataract in my right eye ...

"Damn," I said.

"It happens to all of us when we get older," came the 'comforting' reply. I don't know if the rather attractive blond woman was a doctor or a technician -- but I didn't think she looked all that much younger than I! I almost asked her if she had early signs of them as well!

That said and done the examination concluded with the decision that as the pressure in my eyes was slightly on the high side, as a precautionary measure she was prescribing eye drops to be taken every night just before bed. Ho-hum.

Later, thinking it all over, I had to be grateful to be living in a country where all this is carried out without having to worry about how to pay for this or that including the many medications that I need to take every day -- including the eye drops that adds up to seven different ones every day! Gawd! I am getting old. Now I'm even blogging about my illnesses.

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