Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Week into the First Year of Obama 2009

Things seem to be moving right along! Now the pundits talk about the first 100 hours instead of days ... It would seem that we have chosen well this time and it should be quite a ride.

Inauguration day was wonderful and so human. Such as flubs with the oath and romantic snuggles. Not to mention despair when Senator Kennedy was victim to an attack which reminded us that he is indeed a very sick 'lion' and with Senator Byrd's collapse at the sight of the 'lion's distress . .. Despite the coldness of the events nothing spoiled the party. We had some 'bubbly' and a steak dinner.

The next day Fox News worried that perhaps President Obama wasn't really President because the oath had been flubbed -- by the Chief Justice. Some were amused that the 'perfectionist' Justice Roberts had blown giving the oath to the one who had voted against his confirmation! Rather deliciously that same day the oath was re-administered in the White House with a mere 9 witnesses and no 'bible' -- this is ok because the Constitution does not demand one.

There was some controversy about the clothes that Michelle Obama decided to wear. I thought she looked gorgeous -- but worried that she must be cold -- 16 F is colder than people in Britain can appreciate -- it rarely ever gets that cold here. So for me she was not only chic but brave! As for the evening dress -- hey -- anybody who has her man looking at her the way he did is doing everything right -- no mistake about that ...

And since then things have been moving so fast that we can't really keep up with him. I expect he will make some mistakes, but I for one don't doubt that it isn't about 'him' it's about 'us'. He is not about making people's pocketbooks rich, he is about making people's lives richer. His inaugural address was a great speech. On the day it was hard to appreciate how much he said and how important all that he said was. I have read and re-read it and each time am more impressed than the time before. He spoke for our time and for our future and he reaffirmed the past that was framed by our founding fathers and he did it in a way that speaks not only to our citizens, but includes and invites peoples around the world in our hopes and aspirations.

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