Monday, January 12, 2009

Time, It's Ridiculous!

TIME! Good Lord, I was sure I'd posted since Christmas! What a forgetful old fool I feel like. I can't believe I've not posted since my return to England. But it did take a while to get myself together and with Christmas and dinner party planning demanded by the Man, my brain has in the end, failed me. Gosh in less than 200 hours Obama will be our President.

It amazes me how soon I've settled, for the most part, back in the British life. I still don't know when or even 'if' I'm returning to Olympia so my life and brain are in flux and I feel kind of weird and unsettled most of the time. I've seen lots of friends and had lots of enjoyable company, but my presence on the scene is certainly tentative. I had been away almost a year (bar one month) but certainly being back seems more familiar and homelike. Of course the Pacific side of the US never felt homelike and familiar to me and I realized not to long before my return that if I were to return to the US to live I would be happier on the Atlantic seaboard and probably in New England. It's hard to explain exactly why. I am not comfortable with the spread-outness of everything on the west coast -- everything connected by big highways and lots of driving. It doesn't feel to me 'settled'. It's beautiful and grand-eloquent, but for me it lacks the 'intimacy' of familiarity. It is strange to say I like 'being' there more than 'living' there.

The economic situation here seems more dire than it did in the Pacific Northwest. Businesses are closing and jobs are difficult to find -- especially for the young. It's not easy now to look to the future and feel hopeful. Since Obama's election things in the US do feel more hopeful than they do here. The British newspapers are full of dire predictions for the American economy and sometimes I wonder if it's not really 'wishful thinking'. The British pundits are notoriously wrong in predicting things American and the understanding here of how things work across the pond is often mysterious to me. The really don't quite 'get' us and they always think they have!


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