Saturday, February 21, 2009

Have enough already

I ask myself all the time: Why does anyone need to acquire multi-millions of dollars -- or pounds or euros year after year. What do people do with that sort of money after the houses are bought and the life-style acquired? Isn't all that money just too much for any one to handle -- Now I grant you that it's nice to be rich enough to have beautiful homes, and lovely clothes and not to have to worry where or if the next dollar is coming and to be able to travel in comfort and have beauty treatments and so on -- but surely the millions we are hearing about -- even billions in some cases -- well it just doesn't make sense (cents?) to me. Oh and I'd like to be able to eat out wherever and whenever I want, too.

I grew up thinking a bonus was for work well done, goals not only met, but exceeded. Silly me? I'm not thinking about $1,000 or £1,000 bonuses given to workers who should have been paid more to begin with -- I'm thinking about millions being paid to executives who are already being paid millions. Now, I do have to laugh when I hear government officials and ministers saying that these people will leave and go elsewhere if they don't get paid these generous amounts ...

Now I bet you anything, I am not alone in wondering, with current catastrophe we are in the midst of -- why we shouldn't be happy to see the back of them and who in the hell would want to hire them anyway, considering how "well" they've done to get us where we are now!

No one knows how bad things are going to get for all of us. Like most people I could use more 'dosh' right now, but at least we are retired and our pensions are probably going to remain stable -- in some way we are the 'rich' ones -- the ones with 'enough' -- the ones who can still sleep at night and feel comfortable in our own skins because we are satisfied with our lot.

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