Friday, February 06, 2009

Weather and cocoa or not etcetera

I am so cold. The central heating is blaring away, the meter is whirring around as the gas flows and the radiators heat up -- but this old Victorian house and my study and the kitchen in particular are refrigerators. The ceilings are high and the walls are not insulated and neither are the floors. Now by New England standards the weather here is quite mild, but the houses in America were built for extreme cold.

Before the economic crises was recognized as such -- say last year -- I could go shopping and the stores would be so warm you could hardly stand it! But not anymore. The stores are cold, too -- though not as cold as this house -- though I could be wrong about that as I don't continue to wear my coat around the house (usually) ...

With a little luck we'll spend the summer in France and the weather will cooperate and spew forth sunshine and warmth. Chances are the English summer will be disappointing -- I have almost never ever been too warm here. (Save for shopping in downtown London). Time now for a nice warm cup of tea. Oh hell, I just realized -- I forgot to get cocoa yesterday! This always happens when I forget the shopping list -- especially when I remember putting the list in my handbag -- only to find when I get to the supermarket, that I must have remembered from last week! Life is being forgetfully confused. Darn -- cocoa would be just right right now ... Tea it is then ...

I have to laugh at the British newscasts this week -- There has been unusual amounts of snow here ... first there was headline news about schools and whether or not it was necessary to close them and now it's all about running out of salt and grit for the roads!!! Number one news stories. I haven't heard it said yet -- I'm just waiting for it -- "... to make sure it never happens again ..." so far the public has been spared that -- at least within my hearing. Southport has only had a few flurries even though all around us there are apparently piles of the stuff. I actually like the snow -- probably because I've barely seen it for so many years. England's climate is really quite boring -- never VERY VERY cold and never VERY VERY hot. No such thing as spring or autumn here -- it's either summer or winter -- thus 'midsummer' is on 21st June and 'midwinter' 21st December -- which until I came here I could never understand.

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