Monday, April 20, 2009

Susan Boyle: Yes, Yes, Yes

Well, I sure hope Susan Boyle will be OK, once the media get through with her! I wish they would stop talking about her being 'ugly' (which she isn't -- at worst you could say 'plain' if you go down that road at all). But hey, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder!

What struck me the most the first time I watch her on YouTube was that as soon as the music started her whole look changed: she was transformed. What we saw and heard was real beauty, the kind of beauty that moved many of us to inexplicable tears. For goodness sake, Simon Cowell looked positively angelic; he was transported to another world -- as were we all. Suddenly Susan's body stood straight, her gestures were perfection. In those moments I would not have changed one atom of her. The audience -- that was really amazing as all were carried away with the sheer beauty of the whole thing.

So before anyone decides that she needs to be 'made over', maybe 'anyone' should think again. I hope those that are in charge of 'minding' her take good care of her. I read a little while ago that she didn't go to her church yesterday and hasn't been at her 'local' for days -- sounds a bit like being imprisoned to me and I hope she is in charge of the keys!