Monday, August 17, 2009

Health Care is a Right

The debate going on at the moment in the US over healthcare has made me fear for my country. It is for me a very dark debate that doesn’t seem to have changed for thirty or more years. It is a debate that is a lie, a debate that is based on the fact that millions of people believe has to do with the future of their health care, but which is really driven by big business and the need to keep a large and powerful country a feudal society.

That is the irony of American democracy. That is the cold hard fact about a capitalist society. Keeping people tied to medical insurance through the workplace enables feudalism, distorts freedom and cripples liberty. Those angry faces on the television of people ‘not wanting America to become like Russia’, do not understand how they have been manipulated by their fears into believing that somehow having the right to medical care will undermine the country and lead to a ‘socialist’ state. The word ‘socialist’ is another one of those propaganda words that the capitalist forces have been able to abuse so that the ‘tethers’ in place, remain in place.

Most American people understand that the medical system is a disaster. As more and more people travel to other countries they have learned that what has in the past been sold to them as ‘socialized medicine’ and therefore a terrible idea, is in fact a liberating force within those societies. For many people in the United States life without the right to medical help is hellish nightmare that can include losing ones home, bankruptcy, and death. And just because you have health insurance doesn’t mean you are covered either. In addition to 46 million people without insurance are at least 25 million and untold millions more who are underinsured. So the message is to stay healthy and continue paying for insurance that you may find lets you down when you need it the most.

But I believe that most Americans know this. The media blitz is using old scare tactics, but these tactics are no longer pulling the wool over our eyes. The signs of hate and words of fear are from a different time when a media blitz could undermine our needs and our basic human right could be denied: the right to healthcare.

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