Thursday, August 27, 2009

I just love(d) him

Ted Kennedy. I loved him for the man he was and the man he wasn't. I grew up with him being there ... just ahead, leading the way. And as he aged he aged with wisdom and compassion earned from the learning of past mistakes.

He could so roar and he did upon the senate floor: Remember this? What a statement, what passion, what greatness! I hope and pray he is not the last of his kind, but it would seem he was the only one of his kind in the halls of Congress for a long long time.

I loved Jack and Bobby, too, but Ted was of closer to my generation and he was able to be part of my leadership for my adult life -- being there supporting the same liberal causes that have been part of my being, giving voice, where I would not be heard. Thank you Ted for that. Thank you so much.

And with every fibre of my being I will continue to promote the last cause he fought so hard -- healthcare -- and it may just be that that he will live on in our psyche and our spirit and will so inspire those of us who believed in him and in this cause of his to never give up until Americans acquire the right, the just right of healthcare for every one.

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