Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Anger of Friends

This afternoon I had an unpleasant encounter with an old friend -- though she would probably not be thinking of me as a friend right now. She has been going through a traumatic period in her life for over three years now. She is angry, very angry with me and feels betrayed because I have not taken her side; though I have always been on her side in that I have wanted her to find peace of mind and a more positive direction for her life. The quandary for me is finding the best way to approach her, because she is really not up to the business of getting on with her life because she has this great need for the injustice that she believe she has suffered to be rectified and for the unjust to be punished. She has been defeated by bitterness and anger. Most of her friends are now alienated and she finds herself surrounded by defeat. She is very very sad; she is very very unhappy.

What would I do if this, this, this and this had happened to me? And I had to admit that I did not know ... except that I would have sought spiritual guidance, which I know she would not. In fact this is probably the most significant difference between her and me. I have throughout my life been fortunate to have had a spiritual life to sustain me when things have gone wrong. I wish that she could find that for herself, but first she would have to let go. But I will keep her in my prayers and hope that she will find her way and a better answer to her prayers than vengeance and retribution.

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