Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Live in Hope, but I Despair ...

I despair. The news coming out of the Senate does not bode well for the Health Care bill. Democrats don't seem able to count on their own to support legislation. We shrink from our ideals and conform to fear. The battle is about survival to fight the next election.

It is impossible for me to understand how any intelligent and educated person can fail to see that the American people must have universal health care. The country is already sliding into lower and lower status when compared to other first world countries. My country's legislators or blindsided by rhetoric of big money and the agenda of insurance companies and pharmaceuticals. How can anyone in public office not comprehend the enormity of the problem facing so many Americans -- how can they consider themselves to be righteous, to be Christian, to be caring? How can they pursue this way?

I feel I am watching a struggle between the forces of good and evil and it looks as if evil is ... But I must not go there. Not yet. I don't have to worry about health care. I live in England. All my prescriptions are covered by the NHS. If I'm really too sick to go to the doctor, the doctor will come to me. I don't have to accept a $15,000 deductible. It's not perfect here ... but it is so much better. Anywhere in Europe is so much better. My son has had to leave the US and move to Korea. He couldn't get a job and couldn't get health insurance in Washington State. So he found a job in Korea and he is family now have health care.

I fear that not only will there not be a public option of any kind in the new legislation, but that the present situation will be made worse ... That somehow there is a hidden agenda that is being pushed behind the scenes. I can not believe that there are not some Republicans in body of the Senate that do understand the importance of health care for everyone. It depresses me no end that our politics is so sick, so marginalized that there can be such a lack of brave and forward seeking people that this legislation is even in the slightest danger of being passed.

And as far as Senator Liebermann and Senator Nelson are concerned: Shame on both of you. Shame on your cowardly selves.

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