Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas One and All That Muck

And so we have another Christmas Day. My 65th Christmas and I still end up sooner, if not more often later getting all excited and spirited. I love the anticipation just before the Day begins. I love looking at everything before it all gets torn apart.

The fire has now been lit in the dining room and the table is almost set. The pots and pans are sitting on the stove with vegetables and soup already prepared. All is in readiness. The presents wait to be given out and there is yet no disappointment; nothing has failed -- so far so good. It's the magic time of Christmas. This year we have even got a bit of snow still unmelted. Tomorrow it will probably disappear forever. Magic is still in the air.

Now it's Boxing Day and my mood is entirely different. Christmas dinner turned out to be a worse than mediocre affair -- and all because Someone Who Shall Remain Nameless wouldn't listen to She Who Should Have Been Obeyed. The menu was thus: First course: fresh leek soup -- turned out delicious; second course: fois gras with brioche and salad garnishes -- superb; 3rd course: Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, honeyed parsnips and peas and carrots -- this was the disaster part.

For several years we had fillet of beef, which most of us enjoyed. Me especially because it meant that the menu could be completed the day before and the meat just needed a very hot oven for 30 minutes. However, He Who Shall Remain Nameless felt that it just didn't have the flavor and yearned for a more traditional roast beef meal. So last yearShe Who Should Be Called Nitwit in order to make Nameless happy prepared a sirloin of beef roast that even though it was a great deal more work for the new menu, was absolutely delicious. And the cut, though expensive was quite a bit less expensive than the fillet of beef. And so we come to 2009. It's Christmas around the corner and Nameless and Nitwit go shopping to Tesco for another what would have been delicious sirloin of beef roast. And there in the middle of the meat aisle began the argument/discussion. Amidst a flood of different cuts of meat -- all at a reduced price Nameless had discovered large joints of topside rump very cheap. So did Nitwit get the roast she knew would be wonderful or did Nameless prevail by quickly tossing 3 largish pieces of meet into the shopping trolley? Nitwit tried to convince Nameless that this was a mistake and indeed it was. A terrible mistake -- tough as old boots.

Did Nameless admit his mistake -- almost -- until he considered for a while and came up with blaming the supermarket for a 'con'. So its Boxing Day and Nitwit is fuming about being a Nitwit and sulking because of the long hours in the kitchen on Christmas Day when everyone else got to play with his toys -- or whatever!

Today's menu is duck. That's what Nameless should do -- duck!

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