Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Volcanoes and stuff

It is looking increasingly that I will become another victim of the Icelandic volcano. I hope to know tomorrow if my flight on Wednesday will go ahead. Since I am visiting my mother and am retired I don't have to be back at a particular time for a particular reason -- other than my own home with my own husband ... The ramifications of delay for me are not dire... I will eventually get back to the UK.

Nevertheless the implications of the event could be life-changing should the worse case scenario being offered should come to pass. What if this event should last for as long as two years? How would our world look? Could northern Europe become a vast wasteland covered by volcanic ash?

My sister observed that unlike most other major disasters of our lifetime this is one that it totally out of our control and one of interderminable length -- there is, in other words, nothing anybody can do!

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