Monday, May 31, 2010

"Coalition" Sounds Good to Me

If anything could be read into the election results in the UK it is this: Equal parts of the electorate want what the other guy is offering. And at the same time it goes without saying that equal parts of the electorat don't want what the other guy is offering. In fact I think this is an attitude prevalent among most western societies. Being far more informed than at any time in our history, we the people are more and more able to grasp the idea that no one ideology has all the answers to the problems that societies face. We also know that no one answer to any problem is "forever".

The electorate, is in fact far more flexible than politicians because politicians almost always are reactive not proactive. And the electorate likes it that way -- unfortunately. At a time of economic uncertainty we look for certainties where there are none. No one knows the right answer to this recession, but most of us think we know the wrong answer. A coalition government at this time is good if only because one of the two paths of economic is bound to work and, therefore, the outcome can be predicted a success for both working together. And as the pendulum swings, and it will, success will appear to swing with having our friendly "flexible" friend.

It's a real shame about David Laws. For such a respected politician, who could experience could have been so beneficial to the country, it is tragic that he could have been undone by such a lapse of judgement. His position, however, was for the moment untenable. However, if the past is anything to go by, there is a lesson to be learnt from Peter Mandelson and the British people might be fortunate enough to get him back. I, for one, hope so. George Osborne is going to need him. David Cameran's statement upon Law's resignation was reassuring and encouraging.

If we are lucky in the UK and this government has the stamina and maintains the good will of the people, it will show that we have grown up enough as a civilization to know that working together to find solutions to the problems of nations is the best way and we will decide that proportional representation is a viable way for democracy here to work. It would be a terrible injustice if the machinations of the media were to thwart the coalition in its effort to prevail.

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