Saturday, May 01, 2010

Gordon's Gaffe

For me the problem with Gordon Brown as a politician began early on because he reminds me so very much of Richard Nixon: he physically looks like him, his body language is spookily reminiscent of the former American president and he seems to share many of the psychological hangups too.

Gordon's Gaffe of a few days ago is a good example of why I would never vote for him. It's not what he said -- I imagine that there is no politician out there who would like to be caught with his mike on when thinking himself/herself free from public scrutiny. What is most disconcerting to me is how much he misjudged the situation. Ironically, he handled the exchange with Mrs. Duffy with aplomb. He was polite and seemed to be paying attention to what she said. He didn't fluff his lines or his position. There was nothing to be upset about. He should have been pleased with his performance. Gillian Duffy felt good about the exchange and said she planned to vote for him.

The second failing on his part was that his first reaction was to blame someone for having set him up. Poor Sue, whoever she is -- because chances are that he is continuing to blame her for the ensuing fiasco. A fiasco that was entirely his own doing.

It also showed that he is deeply uncomfortable with the public, not a good place to be when running for high office in this ever-media-present society we have now. I don't know where he is at his best because from what we learn of him behind closed doors is that he is a bully prone to rages and bad-temper.

This is a man who with every breath in his being wants to be Prime Minister in his own right. Unfortunately, he is not right for the job. He just has too much baggage. And one final piece of advice: please stop trying to smile; the smile is just too 'trying'.

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