Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Internet Limits and Life is Divine

I have 45 minutes left! The Internet has become an addiction for me. No doubt about it. It is not possible to have a broadband connection at our maison secondaire -- a black hole in connection-ville! But the local library has free access on Wednesday and Saturday for two hours each day. By the time I get over the fiddling around with this site and that and reading the news headlines and checking email and possibly even answering it, time is running short. Nevermind blogging and trying to provide links to various references.

On Friday (day after tomorrow) Neil leaves for 12 days in England and I shall be on my own at the little farmhouse. I have had to do this quite a few times in the past few years, and I quite enjoy it -- though I find it difficult to be hold up at the place for so long. The walk to the village is not that far, but I have to pass by some neighborhood dogs on the way and I find they make me terrible nervous, though I have been assured by my dear neighbor, Simone, that they are not 'mechants'!!! Still I should take hold of my fears and make a regular walk the kilometer or so it is to a fresh loaf of bread!
So here I am recharging batteries and recuperating from minor aches and pains. The wine is lovely, cold and rose from Provence, the bread is yummy, the cheese divine -- for us as we observe the beauty, indulge in the sunshine, plant our flowers -- we are a world away from our real lives though still connected by telephone and television. We have time to linger in another world for a while. It's luxurious and simple, not perfect, but very beautiful, exquisite ... I'll linger a while longer -- perhaps in the shade when I get back to the little house ...

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