Saturday, September 04, 2010

Fortunate Summer

It's September already and almost time to leave "Paradise" and head for home. It is especially good fortune to be able to spend summers here in Aynac year after year for 11 years. It is not luxurious living but it is nevertheless a luxury. I am a 'summer junkie'! I love the sun and eating outside and swimming. The weather here is sometimes very hot, but never for too long. There always follow cool days and except for one year, the countryside is green and never too baked. So it is not difficult to go back to the 'real world' with my 'batteries recharged' and ready to face the cold dark days of winter and maybe a decent English Spring.

I also look forward to living my life again, rather than recuperating from it! I love and miss my church, my closest friends, the shops and daily banter in English, as well as some of the modern conveniences that we do without each summer. It's a life that's almost but not quite perfect.

When I leave this library and by limited, but free Internet connection today, it will be time to start packing up and put away for the next summer, God willing. The sun is shining and the weather reports forecast warm weather which means good drying days for the laundry that must be done before we leave. We've done rather well this year and have a managed to dwindle the perishible food supplies better than we usually have!

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