Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I've been in a lethargic state for a while now. Maybe it's just getting old, I don't know -- but the overall feeling is that I just can't be bothered, even though I still have thoughts and opinions that I feel I want to write about ... I just don't. And since my last post here there has been a lot happening -- a lot to think about and comment on.

First we are back in England, second we've had a fun trip to Italy, third how about those Chilean miners, forth the Conservatives in England are about to destroy the country, and fifth the conservatives in America are going to do their best to destroy American democracy. In addition how about those French taking once again to the streets! Anarchy rears its head again and I can't help but admire their willingness to do more than just talk -- even if when I really think about it I believe that debate and the ballot box are the best, if not most effective ways in the short term, of resolving issues in our democracies. It's about patience.

That's what works best: patience and working together. It's not about immediate results. But that doesn't mean that direct action is not part of the process. For example, it was the direct action of the sufragettes that led ultimately to women having the right to vote. It was the direct action of the civil rights movement that ended the legality of segregation. Direct action in the name of justice is an important democratic right. I'm not so sure that retiring at the age of 60 is. One aspect is concerning me about this universal rush to raise retirement ages, however. Is it possible that one of the reasons people are living longer and enjoying life more because they are able to retire and are we ready as democratic societies to accommodate more and more people in the work force for longer?

Patience is what President Obama is about. He is a thoughful, deliberberative man who understands instinctively and intellectually the difficulties the Nation faces. He warned us that the damage done to the United States by past political policies would take time to resolve. Time and the passage of it are not acceptible to the American psyche. Patience is not a virtue in the United States of American. I hope those of us who believe in his presidency have not left it too late to rally to the cause. I hope that our country will not shoot itself in the foot, will not throw away the great opportunity this President offers us.

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