Monday, February 07, 2011

Advertising,Foyle's War, the Superbowl and the Mute Button

My husbands hates commercials with a passion. Especially those that get repeated over and over again during the evening. He/we also hate the fact that as a program progresses the period of time between the ads becomes shorter and shorter. So as soon as the break comes he pulls out his revolver -- I mean 'remote' and fires the 'mute' button ... "It's getting more and more like American television" he shouts/exclaims more often than not!

So then it is extremely grumpy of me to find this so annoying -- especially since I agree with him. Except that I would rather listen to the advertising drivel than stare at the silent, but active screen and as often as not have to listen to him sound off about all sorts of nonsense. I could drift off to my study and watch the television there, but I don't want to hurt his feelings and in particular I don't want to leave my place by the cozy fire. Last night as we were nearing the last quarter of a repeated "Foyle's War" that we didn't remember very well, I grumbled that I found this constant muting was annoying and he grumbled back that the commercials were annoying him and I huffed back that then one of us was bound to have to be annoyed (loudly though silently implying that somebody was always me!)

"Foyle's War" concluded and the husband pushed the remote over to me with the words, "now you can watch commercials to your hearts  content, I'm going to bed!" But I was ready with my own smart-ass reposte:

" I won't have to I'm watching the Superbowl on BBC1" -- Quite funny really since that particular event is especially famous for the advertising produced ... so off he went and I left the upcoming repeat of "Miss Marple" to relish some true Americana...

Watching the Superbowl in England for an American is rather strange. Whatever channel is hosting it uses a live feed from the American broadcaster for the game itself, but then goes to a studio back in England during all the breaks -- so we don't get any of the American commentary, and in particular we don't get any of the American advertising! Last night the commentary consisted of one British sportscaster -- gallantly proving that he did indeed know something about the game and the players -- and two Americans probably both former players.

As a consequence, I found myself flashing between the old re-run of "Miss Marple" and the advertising breaks with no advertising on the Beeb -- sometimes invariably running into the real ads during "Miss Marple". "Miss Marple" ended at 1:00 am just in time for half time -- the Packers were ahead 21 -10 and we were back in England, so I went to bed with a big yawn...

Anybody know what got voted the best ad?

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