Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm Working on It

For some reason the 'comments' link on my blog has disappeared. Thanks Suldog for pointing this out in such a lovely way! I'm in touch with Blogger and their first suggestion has not worked, so I'm looking for a second. I may have to futz around and change the template -- later.

First I'll see y'all in church -- as they say ... And if anyone has ?any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

Addendum: So what happens? I post this and what do I see at the bottom? 'Comments'. But only for this post, not for any of the older ones. So, I'm still working on it!?!?

Another Addendum: Google Help worked thanks to The new Katney. You see the little link at the bottom of the blogger 'post box' that says 'Post Options'?  Somehow -- I explain in a minute -- the button 'do not allow' got selected. It happened a year ago, and I didn't even notice until Uncle Skip and Sully complained about not being able to comment. Sooo embarrassing! I happened because I had to change from posting via FTP to using Blogger to host my blog. When I changed blogger put a message on my old URL explaining that I had moved to a new address. Comments were disable at the same time for all posts since that date (6 March 2010). I have now enabled comments on all post, I think!


  1. It looks like it's fixed... for now. I'm not sure, but I don't believe you can go back and change the setting for previous posts.

  2. Google Help, actually helped! And I am in the process, rather laborious/labourious of enabling 'comments' on older posts -- I've no idea how the ability disappeared. Goes to show I haven't been paying attention. I just have to go to 'edit' with the older posts -- in the lower left hand corner of the 'post' box it says 'post options'. Click on it and I discovered that for some reason the option 'don't allow' was selected. Who knew?


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