Sunday, February 06, 2011

Generational Gaps the Curiosity Store

Last week I watched The Review Show on BBC 2. I watched because they were going to review Morning Glory which I was planning to see with a girlfriend -- neither of our husbands wanted to go... I had already checked out several reviews and most of them thought it was funny and worth seeing. The panel on The Review Show is made up of four people -- two 'getting on' in years, John Sergeant and a slightly younger Julia Peyton Jones;  a youngster in his early 30's, Alex Preston and in her mid-40's, American Kristin Hersh.

Of the four only John Sergeant liked the film enough to say he enjoyed it. Julia Peyton Jones was luke warm. Both Alex Preston and Kristin Hersh hated it! I think there is evidence here of a generation gap. Most of the films my children love, want to see are outside of my ability to appreciate. And as far as music goes we are on different planets. I am ignorant about pop groups. X-factor and Pop Idol are anathema to me. And this is not to my credit -- I do not want to know or to lend myself to the possibility of a smidgin of appreciation. But before I put into writing an opinion about someones film or musical efforts, I do attempt to "give 'whatever' or 'whoever' a chance".

So my friend and I went to see Morning Glory. We enjoyed it for the kind of film it is -- It's a 'Grumpy old-men/women' kind of film -- makes us 'oldies' nod our heads in agreement and have a good chuckle throughout. But you know those of you who are not 'grumpy oldies' do not relate to our sensibilities at all and we probably don't want you to, either!

At the end of the program, Kristin Hersh entertained us with a song from her latest album, Crooked. I am not positive, but I think she sang Mississippi Kite. I did not like her singing or her performance at all. But I became curious about her and have since listened to some of her demo tapes and have decided that she is definitely much better than I'd thought and definitely worth listening to again. She is a very talented guitarist and her voice has a quality that I did not appreciate at all when I heard her on television. Kind of reminded me of how I initially reacted to Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen many years ago. And if I'm honestly honest it's probably true that her singing is better singing than Morning Glory is a film!

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  1. It is really quite difficult to contact some folks... I have given you an award.

    I've only been following for about two weeks, but I like what I saw.


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