Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not Necessarily Romance by the Sea

Southport beach in mid-February with the tide out looking across the pier towards Blackpool

The most memorable thing about Southport beach is that you can almost never see the Sea! It looks benign to visitors who often have to be rescued because they venture too far out and get caught in quicksand and/or the tide comes in and around them and they get cut off. This part of the beach has been the setting for the Southport Air Show for the past few years. It is a perfect  for a very enjoyable day on the beach for thousands of people. What I like best about the seaside here is the sand dunes -- they remind me of Cape Cod and Cape Cod is one of my favorite place in the whole world.

Two days ago my husband paid a visit to the area that borders the town centre. We actually live in the town centre and almost never go down there more often than the occasional drive along the coastal road on our way out of town. It's not as if there is nothing to see. It is not spectacular to be sure -- there are no amazing cliffs to scale, no dramatic rock faces -- just lots of sand and sea grass -- and each year thousands and thousands of birds (and bird watchers -- known as 'twitchers'!) But almost always the sea is out -- so I've looked up the tides and plan to go tomorrow at 12.15 when the tide is supposed to be in and maybe just maybe the sun will be out.

Away from the sea, Southport town centre was heaving today -- as it is any half-decent weekend. Valentines Day shoppers -- and I'll admit to being one of them -- were everywhere. There was a bagpiper on Lord Street collecting money for war graves -- in full dress of course. The pipes sounded rather lovely and Lord Street is so wide and vast that it wasn't overwhelming -- even up close. For those that don't know about Southport, rumor has it that the layout of the town -- and Lord Street in particular, was the inspiration for the design of Paris. For those of us who live here that seems a bit far-fetched, but at the same time an intriguing thought. And anyway, what a pretty place it is in the sun with the Victorian arcades -- even in winter without the hanging baskets of flowers and roundabouts in bloom!

So why do I succumb year after year to Valentines Day. I always have a card and a little present and I always plan a romantic dinner. And sometimes he gets me a card or a bunch of flowers -- though never both. No he's not a Valentines Day Man. It's not that he's not romantic, it's just that his idea of romance is more along the lines of steam trains and classic cars and sailing ships -- you know Mars and Venus and all that ... He's getting a book about Great British Railway Journeys -- so I'll get a romantic smile -- it just won't be for me!!

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  1. We almost always drive along Lord Street when going to visit DH's brother. It looks particularly pretty on a winter's night with all the Christmas lights.


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