Friday, February 25, 2011

Oi, Uncle Skip: Ta, Very Much, Luv ...

... as they say in these parts. (Speaking of 'these parts' great relief as Liverpool finally scored to win last night after 85 long minutes! Have our boys in red finally turned a corner?)

Back to my tasks in hand. I've had to copy and print Uncle's post  as the victims recipients may or may not follow all four of them. I wouldn't want to miss any of them. Oh yeah, you may wonder what I'm talking about.

It's about this award with which I've been landed honoured/honored. I've never had an award for blogging before -- it's my very first -- in fact until a short time ago I didn't know there was this part of blogger culture to contend with (no no I'm not going to give in to the grammarians with 'with which to contend' -- but I just want them to know that I know that they know what I know ...).

Getting on with it ... Here is a picture of said award. Somebody awarded it to Suldog and Suldog awarded it to Uncle Skip and Uncle Skip lumbered awarded it to me.

My first task is to curse Suldog. Well, I don't have to because if you've ever seen a picture of his teeth you know he's been cursed already. 

Next on the list is to thank Uncle Skip and link back to him. Have thanked and linked (thanking is optional).

The third task is to tell a little about myself and I can make stuff up!

  • When I was a little girl I was horrid and everybody who knew me 'when' agrees. Now I'm a real sweetie and The Broad.
  • I went to George Washington University in Washington, DC to study political science because I wanted to change the world. I didn't. I probably should have, though...
  • Except for three years living in the States, I have lived in Europe for thirty years plus a little. It's my husband's fault. 
  • I've met Y.A. Tittle, Charlie Connerly, Kyle Rote, Roosevelt Grier and Roosevelt Brown and Frank Gifford all on the same day! I've lost long ago the autographs collected at the time. It was in Burlington Vermont and they were very sweaty. I also shook hands with Gerald Ford a few days before he became President. And I met Walter Mondale several times.
    In addition, I blew kisses to Hubert Humphrey. I was on the back of my boyfriend's Vespa. He was in limousine and he blew kisses back! That was when he was Vice President. In those days there wasn't mucch for a VP to do.
  • The only office I've ever been elected to was President of my high school Latin Club. Latin was my worst subject but the Roman Banquet I organized was terrific ...
  • My most infamous polically incorrect direct ancestor was Jonathan Filer, born in 1702, who was a Connecticut State Champion of something so awful that I can't bring myself to say. It's so dreadful that my youngest sister refuses to believe it. I think it's because her husband would never let her live it down.
    My most famous direct ancestor was Thomas More: a traitor to some and a saint to others. This appeals to my sense of disambiguation.
  • My husband will not have a diswasher and this pisses me off big time! But he likes to set the table for dinner parties and he hoovers and he can fix things like ceilings and walls with damp patches, so I only bring up the diswasher thing when I'm extra-especialy bitchy annoyed.
  • If I'm in the mood I take things in my stride. Otherwise, I usually pout. Sometimes I stamp my feet and shout  raise my voice.
  • Philosphically I am a pacifist, but I have a passion for rather violent mystery/crime novels by Scandinavians like Henning Mankel and Jo Nesbo.
  • Normally, I am quite a good cook, but I hate having to do it routinely. I regularly prepare the evening meal for whoever is around, but others must prepare their own breakfast and lunch. (How was that Uncle Skip?)
The next bit is the hard part. I have to pass the damn thing award on to some unsuspecting soul, who will in turn probably curse me. Question, can I award them without informing them?

Oh, hell, I've just seen that Uncle Skip wrote 'six' to pass it on to but it's really 7 (you were right Pebbles in the Sea, mea culpa, didn't check far enough back). It has been pointed out that there is no time limit on when I have to do this, so I can just post this and forget about it do it later.

Obligatory Picture of Horse Teeth, not of Suldog, though some people may be fooled.

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