Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Nostalgia with Pictures

Today I'm very nostalgic -- it all started because I was trying to clean up my computer picture files. Somehow I managed to double and triple whole huge files of photographs to the point where it was taking me ages to find stuff. While doing that I was listening to Classic FM and up came Bach's Cello Suite number one. That set me off remembering someone very special in my youth who played the cello and who introduced me to the Bach Cello Suites. And as I was wallowing in memories of my young adulthood at the same time going through old photos -- pictures of weddings and my childrens' early childhood, Christmases past -- on and on ...

In the meantime, life happens! There are books to be read, movies to see, places to go and people to meet,endless dinners to prepare! I look back in wonder at the past and it's as if it's still there ready to be touched -- it's inescapable but it's 'other', like a spirit or a ghost, perhaps a stalker. As I get older I find it would be easy to become a person on the sidelines, an observer to other people's lives instead of a liver of my own. At the same time still believe that it is all still before me, still waiting to happen. And I wander in and out of purpose. I have a sense of expectation, but perhaps the expectation is empty and it needs to be filled. I live in hope, but the hope needs to be named... Doesn't it?

This is what happens when the days are short and the weather is gloomy.

This photo was taken early in the morning in 2003 from the breakfast table at my parents house in Kent, Connecticut. Cardinals are notoriously skittish and I was amazed to see this pair 'pose' for me. When I went for the camera both had their profiles to the window and as I put the camera up to my eye they had turned to face me!

Heejung on her first visit being put to work -- this is in 2000!

This picture was taken in 1954, my brother and a French girl, whose family was on a year's visit to St. Johnsbury Academy. They are dancing at the Winter Carnival Ball. He was almost 5 years old!

This is a put up job -- for my mother to have both her daughters with their grandsons looking as though they were standing in her garden! In reality I was in Olympia, Washington, and my sister in Minneapollis!

My parents with me and two of their grandchildren and a brand new daughter-in-law!
The year was 2000 and on December 27th my parents became Great Grandparents...

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