Monday, February 14, 2011

What Difference Does It Make, Anyway ... ?

Yup the pegs match!
  The older I am the more anal personality tendencies I dance with. I have never been known for being neat and tidy -- not quite a slob, but often tempted in that direction! Of course I may be confusing a 'anal personality' with one that is 'obsessive'. But obsessive in small matters -- and really quite laughable.

For example, in the summer when I'm pegging out the washing, I have to match the clothes pegs by color/colour and if I can match them to the color/colour of the clothes/sheets/towels -- whatever--.  Until last summer I thought this was something, no one would probably notice -- until I was being helped by M. who 'confessed' that I wouldn't believe it but she use to have to match the pegs. Now I am still not sure if she'd noticed, but I had to admit to having the same compulsion, because there I was rumaging through the basket looking for a match. So why don't I just by wooden pegs that are all the same? Because I enjoy this silliness. Maybe I need to get a life ...

And I have to have an English muffin for breakfast. I feel very grumpy if I don't -- and tea, too. It is just possible that I can be bought off with fresh croissant while summering in France -- but I can also be bordering on the personality disorder when it comes to making sure I know where the best croissants are to be had. Nevertheless, in all fairness to me, good croissant is to die for ... and for sure the French are worse than I am. I'm that way about the French bread too. Fortunately, the local bakery has a selection to die for -- unfortunately the croissant is not quite as good as elsewhere -- but good enough when there is no English muffin to be had. It has to be a disorder when I'd rather have my English muffin to fresh croissant, don't you think?

And cheese -- I forgot about the cheese ...
But really, I'm not fussed. I am grumpy, patient about things that used to drive me up the wall, and impatient about things that never bothered me before. I can still fly into a temper, but rarely can I be bothered with the futility of it. Two things make me grumpy, television news and my  husband! Oh and English weather, too. Musn't forget plane travel ... and people who don't clean up after their pets ... and planning meals, not having a diswasher, most Republicans, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, fashion, my husband, computer crashes, lousy Internet connections, pharmaceutical advertising, Fox news, my husband, any money owed to the bank, Christmas hoopla before Thanksgiving, Chocolate Easter eggs before New Year and my poor dear grumpy old Valentine!

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